Extreme Central SG [Badminton Group in Singapore]

For Sale..

APACS Edgesaber Z-Spark  [Specs: Wt 86+/-1g, Balance 285+/-3mm, Flex 8.0-9.0, Max Tension RST <=30lbs, Grip 4U/G2]   SOLD
 - selling my only set as I prefer using my other lighter racket
with yellow Yonex BG70 String strung at 25 lbs & yellow PU Super Grip + extra spongy grip [choice of 8-9 colors]
for only S$50  (RRP S$85 including string) 

Condition: Lightly used for several games 

YONEX Backpack PBSH01 in Glossy Red with complementary colours of light grey and black, and silvery zippers
for only S$40 
Condition: Used only once to transport shuttlecocks

APACS Lethal 66 <link> [Specs: Wt 68-69g, Balance 300+/-5mm, Flex 9+/-2, Max Tension RST <=30lbs, Grip 7U-G2] 

with yellow Yonex BG70 String strung at 25 lbs + extra 1 spongy grip [in black]
for only S$50  (RRP S$140 including string when new) 

Condition: Used with blacked out paint markings around the head area 

Cash-On-Delivery (COD) in Singapore only.
Contact/SMS: Simon Goh (65).9226.6929 or mailto:simonklgoh@gmail.com

Please contact/SMS me if you require certain model of APACS rackets.