We are an average group of 12~16 casual badminton players (aged 20+ to 50+ averaging 45yrs) with skills ranging from Mid/High Beginners to High Intermediate. Most of us play Womens, Mens or Mixed Doubles using 21pts scoring system.

We use ProTech Silver (sometimes RSL Supreme) shuttlecocks and at times new ones which we occasionally test. We tested several brands of shuttlecocks and found that we liked the current type for its consistency, durability & low cost.

We play on Sundays 3-6pm (3~4hrs duration) 2~3 courts at Indoor School/Sports Halls (ISH) around Singapore but focusing mainly within the north regions like Yishun, Sembawang & sometimes Woodlands. ISHs we go to includes (but not limited to) Woodlands Sec Sch, Spectra Sec Sch, Endeavour Pri Sch, Sembawang Pri Sch, Northland Sec Sch, and occasionally OCBC Arena SportsHub. Please look for these locations using or

Our players come from all over Singapore despite having to meet in the north region. Our group came together with the intention of enjoying Fun & Fitness. Some of us have been together for the past 10-20yrs or more. Over the years our group have grown but have also shrunk. We are constantly looking for new & challenging players (especially ladies) to join us, and also to help improve our overall playing skill.

Contact/SMS/Whatsapp Simon at (+65)92266929 or stating your name & contact if you intend to join us for a try-out session. We collect a low rate of $8 (rate increased wef Jan2017) per session (for Guests), or $20 (rate increased wef Jan2017) per month (for Members). Our current quota for members is already full, however we might open 1-2 more slots if our existing members are happy with our new guest player. A weekly schedule of places we booked for Sunday games will constantly be published on this thread (remember to click the last page of this thread for the latest update). You may check Entrance to Badminton School Halls directory for directions.

We generally keep small quantities of accessories like Racket Grips ($6 for 3 grips). Do ask for them whenever you need replacements at our sessions.